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In the field of hydrology Chair participated in the following projects:

Ljubljanica connects (LIFE 10NAT/SI/142)
– Restoration of the Ljubljanica River corridor and improvement of the river’s flow regime
project webpage

Savinja - A comprehensive hydrological hydraulic study to justify the actions of flood safety in the basin of Savinja. Client: Ministry of Defence.

SedAlp Sediment management in the basins of Alpine rivers: the integration of the continuum of river sediment, reduction of natural risks and the management of hydroelectric power facilities.
project webpage, 2

KULTURisk definition of structural measures for flood protection in urban areas.
project webpage

Hydrological study of the Mura River, cntracting Authority: Wasserwirtschaftliche Planung und  Siedlungswasserwirtschaft, Land Steiermark; Dravske elektrarne Maribor d.o.o.; Nyugat- Dunántúli Környezetvédelmi és Vízügyi Igazgatóság

ARRS Copulathe use of copula functions in hydrology, ARRS project

BOBER Better observation for Better Environmental Solutions  – »"Upgrading the system for monitoring and analyzing the water environment in Slovenia«: the establishment of hydrological monitoring on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia (preparation of the hydrogeological model), the Cohesion Fund of the EU

UNESCO IHPthe establishment of experimental river basins and monitoring, client: UNESCO Office, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
project webpage

Climaparks Climate change and the management of protected areas: making of hydrological
model Reka River, the contracting authority: Public Institution Škocjan Caves

project webpage

START_it_up Professional support in the implementation of the project START_it_up for protection debris flows, client: Geological Survey of Slovenia
project webpage

DRA-MUR-CI Cross-border water initiative for the River Drava and Mura - Analysis of river bed-load discharge Mure in the project DRA-MUR-CI.
project webpage

Pilot project on climate change - Building links between flood threat and assessment of climate change in the Sava River Basin.
project webpage

GEP Geo-information system (GIS) for the protection of drinking water sources in emergency situations, Client: Institute of Public Health Nova Goric.
project webpage

VODPREG – Research and development project in order to determine the status of water dams in Slovenia, Client: Ministry of Defence.
končno poročilo

AWAREThe European project monitoring and forecasting available water resources in mountain areas
project webpage

DRAGONJA Experimental watershed (collaboration with Vrije Universitet Amsterdam)

EDUCATEThe European project of a remote training on the management of water resources and environmental protection

EFFSThe European project hydrological forecasting floods

EWNSI – Euro Water Net - SlovenIja – Digital water information
project webpage

INWEBThe international network of centers for Balkan water and environment
project webpage

KOSEČ The data from automatic weather stations
project webpage

NOTRANJSKA REKA Experimental River Basin river River
project webpage

RISKBRIDGE – Building robust, integrative inter-disciplinary governance models for emerging and existing risks

SARIB The European project Sava River basin

URBEM Regulation of watercourses in urban areas
project webpage

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