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The Chair of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering is concerned with the development of the following fields: hydrology, erosion, and sedimentation, water management, reclamation, hydraulic structures, hydroelectric power use, water science, and natural risk management. The tasks of hydraulic engineering, covered by the Chair, are: determination of water volume and its quality, definition of event probability, and estimating the impact of structures and water use on the water regime.
The chair is in charge of monitoring on three experimental river basins, i.e. the Dragonja, Reka, and Gradaščica rivers, thus laying the ground for scientific research, particularly of young PhD and MSc students.

The Chair also developed a system for 7-day ahead low-flow forecasting for the purposes of hydroelectric power use. The system consisting of field measuring equipment and connected to a computer, making use of Chair’s own calculation software, has been operating for several years for the needs of the hydropower plants on the Sava River.

Over the past decade, the Chair has educated 10 Doctors of Science and improved its level of scientific publications – since 2000, it co-published a total of 148 significant scientific works, of which there were 75 scientific papers in journals (out of which 26 were published in journals indexed in international databases), 57 scientific papers in conferences, 15 chapters in scientific monographs, and a scientific monograph.

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