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Hidrology, as a science, is part of geophysics and, hence, natural sciences. It deals with the natural water cycle; because water engineering structures are intended for water regime regulation and its utilisation, we must have a very good understanding of water quantity and quality. For the purposes of teaching activities, we published a university textbook Osnove hidrologije (“Basic Hydrology”) which is also available in an electronic version, and the textbook Modeliranje površinskega odtoka in navodila za program HEC-HMS (“Surface Runoff Modelling and HEC-HMS User Manual”).

Water science deals with our relationship with water. It is very broad in scope due to the significance of water for development and survival of the society; in addition to technical know-how, the basic knowledge in social sciences, i.e. in sociology, legislation, economy, and informatics, is required.

Water management, as an important part of hydraulic engineering, is also broad in scope, and includes the studying of erosion and sedimentation as the natural sciences basis, regulation methods and dimensioning of hydraulic structures as special engineering topics, and natural risk management as a social component, where the participation of the interested public is also important.

We also cover the fields of planning energy facilities and investment management, while the practical experiences thereof are included in the teaching process in various courses.

The Chair is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment purchased to support its research, professional, and teaching activities, while it also provides high-quality practical fieldwork for students and graduates. Please view our Presentation menu for the list of our measuring equipment.

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