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BrillyProfessor of Hydrology and Water Management

Hajdrihova 28, room 35
Tel.: (01) 425 33 24
Fax.: (01) 251 98 97
E-mail: mitja.brilly@fgg.uni-lj.si

Elected posts and duties:
• head of the Chair of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering,
• chairman of the Slovenian National Committee for the IHP UNESCO,
• head of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Programme in Environmental Protection,
member of the research and development work commission of UL

Memberships in professional societies
Key projects
Recent publications

1965-1970 Student of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade
1970-1976 Research Assistant, Institute for Water Resources "Jaroslav Černi"
1972-1976 Post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade
1977 Assistant Professor at Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Survey, University of Ljubljana
1983 Graduation Ph.D. (Dr. Ing.). Thesis supervised by Prof.Mladen Boreli
1983 Associate Professor at Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Survey, University of Ljubljana, Habilitation in Hydrology and River Regulation
1983 - 1996 Head of Hydraulics Division, Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Survey
1989 Head of Yugoslav organizing committee forAHS Symposium "Regionalization in Hydrology"
1989 Professor at Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Survey, University of Ljubljana and Head of the Chair of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
1991 Member of Scientific Committee for HydroGIS93, Vienna, April 1993
• 1992 - 1995 Member of the Task Force of the Environmental Programme of the Danube River Basin
1992-1995 Slovenian Coordinator for EC EPDRB "Environmental Program for the Danube River Basin" member of Task Force in development of ICPD.
1997 Head of Organizing Committee Conference FRIEND97, Postojna
1999 - 2014 Chairmen of University Environmental Doctoral Studies
2000 - Member of the commission for approve of construction work of the Ljubljana sewage treatment plant
2008 Chairmen of Scientific committee for “XXIVth Conference Of The Danubian Countries”
2010 Editor of book »Hydrological processes of the Danube river basin : perspectives from the Danubian countries«: Springer
• 2010 Member of Environmental protection Council of Republic of Slovenia
2014 Member of Bureau of IHP UNESCO

1991 - today  Head of the Slovenian National Committee for the IHP UNESCO
2005 - today Representative of Slovenia in EURAQUA management board
2012 - today Representative of University of Ljubljana in Erasmus Mundus Flood Risk Management postgraduate study http://www.floodriskmaster.org/
1970 - today More than 70 investigations in Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering and Environment
1970 - today More than 40 publications

Memberships in professional societies
Member of International Association for Hydraulic Research (IAHR),
Member of International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS),
Member of American Geophysical Union (AGU),
Member of European Geophysical Society,
Member of National Water Well Association,
Constitutive Member of the Slovenian Chambers of Engineers, Ljubljana,
Member of the Society of Water Management of Slovenia
• Member of Slovenian Association of Geodesy and Geophysics, Ljubljana

Key projects:
Slovenian Coordinator on the EC projects:
“Floods, storms and radar hydrology”,
“EFFS - European Flood Forecasting System”,
“AWARE – Available Water Resources in Mountain Environment”,
“SARIB – Sava River Basin”,
“EDUCATE - Develop a transnational postgraduate course on Integrated Water Resources Management”.
• 2003-2005 URBEM – Urban river basin Enhancement methods
• 2011-2016 ERASMUS-MUNDUS Flood Risk Management, master degree
2011-2013 KULTURISK- (FP7) Knowledge-based approach to develop a KULTUre of Risk prevention (265.000 EUR)
2012-2015 LIFE+ Ljubljanica Connect ( http://ksh.fgg.uni-lj.si/ljubljanicaConnects/) (1.190.000 EUR)
2012-2014 Pilot project on climate change: Building the link between the Flood Risk Management Planning and climate change assessment in the Sava River Basin, (14.300 EUR)
2013-2014 World Bank Consultant on the project Water & Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava River Basin

More 100 national and international projects or consultancy reports on water management and implementation of WFD and Flood Directive. Some of them relevant for prposla in Slovene:
2009-2010 Hydrological studies Mure, (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary – 40.000 EUR).
2008-2010 Preparation of New Revision of PMF Study and Conceptual Design Package for Flood Protection of NPP Krško (275.000 EUR)
 2010-2014 BOBER - Design model tools for drought monitoring, assessment status of groundwater and the sea prognosis (36.000 EUR)
• 2014 Analysis of the flood event in May 2014 in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the river Bosnia (36.000 Eur)
2014-2015 Estimation of potential flood damage (20.000 EUR)

Recent publications:
Kryzanowski, Andrej, Brilly, Mitja, Rusjan, Simon, Schnabl, Simon. 2014. Structural flood-protection measures referring to several European case studies: review article. Natural hazards and earth system sciences, ISSN 1561-8633, letn. 14, str. 135-142, ilustr., doi: 10.5194/nhess-14-135-2014.

Brilly M., Kavčič K., Šraj M., Rusjan S. and Vidmar A., 2014, Climate change impact on flood hazard, Evolving water resources system, IAHS publication 364

Bezak, Nejc, Brilly , Mitja, Sraj, Mojca. 2014. Comparison between the peaks over threshold method and the annual maximum method for flood frequency analyses. Hydrological sciences journal, ISSN 0262-6667. [Print ed.], [v tisku] letn. XX, št. X, str. 1-29, ilustr., doi:

Brilly , Mitja. 2010. Danube river basin coding: Chapter 4. V: BRILLY, Mitja (edit.). Hydrological processes of the Danube river basin: perspectives from the Danubian countries. Dordrecht [etc.]: Springer, cop. 2010, str. 125-141

Špitalar, Maruša, Gourley, Jonathan J., Lutoff, Celine, Kirstetter, Pierre-Emmanuel, Brilly, Mitja, carr, Nicholas G. Analysis of flash flood parameters and human impacts in the US from 2006 to 2012. Journal of Hydrology, ISSN 0022-1694. [Print ed.], nov. 2014, letn. 519, Part A, str. 863-870,

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Hajdrihova 28, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 (1) 426-42-88 / 425-33-24
Faks: +386 (1) 251-98-97

University of Ljubljana
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