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08/29/2016 - We have received visit from the Paul Beauliet from the USA. Paul is a known expert working on improving fish passage and river continuity. We organized field tour where we have presented details about the Ljubljanica Connects project.

08/29/2016 - On YouTube you can watch a promotional film about the project in Slovenian and English.

08/12/2016 - Ljubljanica Connects Layman report is avaliable in three different languages: Slovenian-English, Polish-English and Spanish-English.

06/20-23/2016 - On the FishPassage 2016 conference, witch was held at the University of Massachusetts, we have presented a project Ljubljanica Connects and a new innovative way of monitoring fish migration through fish passes using two cameras.

05/21/2016 - The "Ljubljanica Connects” project was presented in front of the City Hall in Ljubljana, as part of the World Fish Migration Day (WFMD). On the big screen the visitors could watch live footage from the FishCams installed at the fish passes at Ambrožev trg and the Fužine Castle.

05/19/2016 - On the premises of UL FGG, the students of an UNESCO high school from Ljubljana attended the presentation of the “Ljubljanica Connects” project. After the presentations, the students took part in flow measurements on the Gradaščica River, a tributary of the Ljubljanica River

05/12/2016 - A presentation of the “Ljubljanica Connects” was made to the students of the Vegova high school in Ljubljana; they were also shown the remote-controlled boat HI3, developed under the project.

05/05-09/2016 - The “Ljubljanica Connects” project was presented, along with interesting experiments, in front of the European Union House at Breg in Ljubljana.

05/06/2016 - A workshop at Martin Krpan primary school, Ljubljana, was held as part of their Science Day.

05/05/2016 - A presentation of the “Ljubljanica Connects” was made to two Erasmus students (one from Italy and one from Slovakia), and a field visit of the executed works was organised.

04/23-28/2016 - We attended the EGU Conference in Vienna, Austria. At the conference we presented four posters on the topics covered under the “Ljubljanica Connects” project. We presented posters on monitoring the restored fish passes, the remote-controlled boat HI3, the results of the hydrological monitoring, and a poster presenting the project “Ljubljanica Connects” in general.

04/18/2016- At the Ambrožev trg fish pass we recorded over 100 specimens of the common nase migrating through the fish pass.

03/23/2016 - In the fish pass Fužine we recorded Grayling and Common nase.

03/18/2016 - Today, at the fish pass Ambrožeb trg we recorded first fish in 2016. Video can be viewed here.

03/17/2016 - At the 35th Goljevšček memorial day, we presented a camera monitoring system for fish migration, which is installed in a fish pass at Ambrožev trg and fish pass at Fužine Castle.

02/15/2016 - In the fishpass Ambrožev trg we installed an upgraded monitoring system for fish migration monitoring. Live video can be viewed here.

01/28/2016 - Matej Sečnik and mag. Andrej Vidmar won the award for best achievement in hydrology for the year 2015. They constructed a camera that monitors the fish migration in fish pass, witch has been developed under the LIFE project Ljubljanica povezuje.

01/25/2016 - A new upgraded system for monitoring fish migrations through fish pass is in the final stage of testing. The advantage of the new system is that allows determine the size of the fish passing through fish pass.

01/05/2016 - On the left menu, you can click the link Fish pass camera, where you can watch live video from fish pass at Ambrožev trg and fish pass at Fužine Castle.

12/14/2015 - Erasmus Mundus Flood Risk Management Students have visited restored fish pass at Ambrožev trg.  Participation are also carried out flow measurement of the Ljubljanica river with modern ultrasonic doppler Sontek RiverSurveyor.

11/17/2015 - We presented a project Ljubljanica connects and conducted Ambrož fish pass field visit to the Students of secondary commercial school in Ljubljana.

11.15.2015 - Slovenian newspaper NEDELO published an article about the project LIFE, with which we successfully completed the work on the project and take care of the fish in the Ljubljanica river.

11/12/2015 - For the students of the Secondary School of Economics in Ljubljana we performed second workshop and  project presentation.

11/11/2015 - The UL FGG held a round table for the students. In addition to the presentation of the project Ljubljanica connects, students presented interesting contributions on the theme of river connectivity. More about the roundtable and contributions can be found in the tab project Execution.

11/05/2015 - We have conducted the first workshop and presentation of the project for the students of Secondary School of Economics in Ljubljana.

10/19/2015 - Heavier rainfall in recent days have been the reason that we were able to verify the functioning of the upgraded mechanism of a gate on Ambrožev trg. The result of a lifted gates is the lower level of the Ljubljanica river, so on the photo you can clearly see deflector that prevents the entry of floating debris into fish pass.

10/15/2015 - Our Faculty held an open day. Within the open day we conducted project presentation and presentation of the measurement equipment used to carry out field measurements.

10/13/2015 - We invite you to a round table LIFE project Ljubljanica Connects, which will be 10.11.2015 at 16:00 in H10 at Hajdrihova 28.

10/08/2015 - For students in 9th grade Primary School Vrhovci we prepared a workshop. On the river Gradaščica and Mali graben were measured flow rate, water level, temperature and the amount of dissolved oxygen.

10/02/2015 - Work on the Ambrose Square is finish. We set up a permanent information board, which serves to inform the public about the work carried out.

09/08/2015 - Underwater control camera has been installed to track fish at Fužine Castle. The recording from the camera can be viewed here.

09/02/2015 - As part of the E3 action, we conducted field measurements of water temperature with an optical cable. We used new optical multichannel temperature sensor Silixa XT-DTS.

08/21/2015 - As part of the action C3 (Ambrose Square gate reconstruction), we replace worn out engine for gate control at Ambrose Square.

07/24/2015 – Underwater fish cam at the Ambrose Square fishway caught Danube Salmon (Hucho hucho).

07/20/2015 – Second poster for project promotion was released.

07/10/2015 – At the Ambrose Square fishway we performed fish monitoring with fish trap.

06/30/2015 – The new broschure about the LIFE project Ljubljanica connects is ready. It will inform general public about our activities.

06/22 - 06/25/2015 - We attended the 2015 Fish passage conference in Groningen in the Netherlands, where we presented the project Ljubljanica Connects.

06/18/2015 - Their last school day students from Secondary Preschool Education and Gimnasyum Ljubljana spend at our place. In four hours long workshop we prepared for them the project presentation, experiments and field measurements.

06/17/2015 - Students from St Stanislav's institution from Ljubljana came to Gradaščica River, where we have presented them our project and involved them in discharge and water quality measurements.

06/16/2015 - Today students from High school for wood processing in Ljubljana came to visit us. After project presentation we have prepared workshops in the classrooms and in the laboratory due to bad weather.

06/15/2015 – On Friday 19th June 2015 at 1 pm we will organize round table at the end of fish passes reconstruction. More info are in leaflet.

06/05/2015 – National institute of biology has celebrated The world oceans day 2015 with Open doors day at Marine biology station in Piran. There we have prepared some interactive workshops for young visitors.

06/05/2015 – We have upgraded our lecture with students from Jože Plečnik gymnasium and moved from the classroom to the river to conduct the measurements.

06/04/2015 – The reconstruction of fish pass Ambrožev trg is almost finished. On the inflow protective element to prevent introduction of floating debris has already been installed.

06/03/2015In Vrhnika an urgent repair of on-line station was performed.

06/01/2015 – We have visited city Dübendorf, Switzerland where a good example of river renautralization can be seen on the creek Chriesbach.

05/22/2015 We visited Joze Plecnik gymnasium in Ljubljana, where we presented a project Ljubljanica connects. In short, we will carry out further field measurements on Gradaščica.

05/12/2015For students in 8th grade Primary School Vič we prepared a workshop as part of science day. On the river Gradaščica (a tributary of the Ljubljanica river) were measured flow rate, water level, temperature and the amount of dissolved oxygen.

05/08/2015Rebuilding fish passes at the Ambrož Square are intensively progressing.

05/05/2015 – We visited the Martin Krpan Primary School, where we participated in the natural day. We have presented the project and show them ways of measuring flow.

04/21/2015 – Work on the fish path Fužine is completed.

03/19/2015Regular supervizor visit at the UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, review actions of the project, administration and field visit.

03/16/2015 – Work has just started on the Fužine fish path.

02/27/2015Presentation of the project and field work with students on exchange.

01/14/2015 – Upgraded equipment for flow measurement and bathymetry of the river bottom has passed first test.

12/01/2014 – The third annual bulletin of LIFE project Ljubljanica connects was published. You can read it here.

11/11/2014 – We conducted a thematic lecture on measures to improve the flow regime of the Ljubljanica river with examples from the project Ljubljanica Connects for the 2nd year Master's degree students in VOI.

10/21/2014 - As part of the action E2 on the project we have carried out the second fish monitoring.

09/10 - 09/12/2014 - We have travelled to Estonia on Riverine LIFE Platform Meeting. Different Life projects from many European countries were presented and also we have presented our project. In discussion we have talked about different problems which are encountered in the implementation of projects. We have also discussed with experts in the field of fish passes the solutions for the reconstruction of fish passes within our project. We were also on the river Emajõgi where Life project Happy Fish has successfully finished.

09/03 - 09/04/2014 - We have participated on international meeting River revitalisation Workshop in Slovakia, where we have presented our project Ljubljanica connects. With other participants we have exchanged views and experiences about other projects. On an excursion along the river Hron we visited a few small hydro power plants and fish passes near them.

07/31 - 08/29/2014 - Within traineeship abroad two students Alexandra and Justyna from Technical University of Rzeszow, Poland have participated on our project. They visited the fish pass in Fužine and on Ambrož square where they also saw a barrier system. They have learned something about ecohydrological monitoring that is being carried out and visited a few measurement stations. They have prepared review of the literature about fish passes and some general guidelines for the restoration.

05/17/2014 - The Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensor Silixa XT-DTS arrived. The XT-DTS has a sampling resolution of 25 centimetres over a measurement length of up to 10 kilometres. It achieves a temperature resolution that is better than 0.1°C at 5 km in less than 3 minutes. The temperature resolution can be further improved to 0.01°C by employing longer measurement intervals.

03/24/2014 - The first, shorter film about the project is prepared. You can watch it on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydrx7ZEsGrM.

03/20/2014 - We have received the printed posters for the project presentation.

03/06/2014 - At the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering in Ljubljana the thirty third Goljevšček's memorial day took place. It was organised by Department of Environmental Civil Engineering and by Hydroinstitute. The two contributions about LIFE project Ljubljanica connects were presented: LJUBLJANICA CONNECTS - project, which revives the migration of fish in the Ljubljanica River (Katarina Kavčič) and Development of system for remote data access (Matej Sečnik).

01/16/2014 – 3rd Steering committee meeting at the UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Attendance: Zoran Stojič, Tomi Leon (both Geateh), Metod Dolinšek (Purgator), Tone Cezar (MKO ARSO), Mitja Brilly, Andrej Vidmar, Katarina Kavčič (all University of Ljubljana)
The implementation of specific actions was discussed and some topics.

12/04/2013 - Bulletin a newsletter about project LIFE10NAT/SI/142 was published, Year 2, Number 1 (in Slovene only), ISSN: 2335-2773

11/04/2013 high water of the Ljubljanica river destroy the fish pass at Fužinski castle.

10/25/2013, RTV Slovenia, Slovenian Chronicle, They will help fish to migrate

10/10/2013 - On the fish path Fužine we recorded migration of barbel.

09/19/2013 - Broshure on project LIFE10NAT/SI/142 was released in a 1,000 copies.

07/30/2013 - Ljubljana, POP TV 24 hours news: Fish paths will be restored - In the capital is underway Life Plus project, which will ensure that the city will restore the so-called fish paths. > http://www.24ur.com/novice/slovenija/obnovili-bodo-ribje-poti.html

07/22/2013 - Fisheries Research Institute of Slovenia issued a favorable agreement to the Reconstruction of the sill in Zalog according to the technical documentation for maintenance work no.: R-481/13 C1-Sill in Zalog and makes the statement: "THE SOLUTIONS ARE RELEVANT".

06/18/2013 - Workshop book of abstracts.

06/08/2013 -In the context of the international workshop on LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity Project "Restoring and improving the corridor Ljubljanica river", the participants presented their contributions.

05/08/2013 - Final Announcement - Invitation; The international workshop LIFE+ Nature & Biodiversity project “Restoration of the Ljubljanica River corridor and improvement of the river’s flow regime” will be held on 8th of June, 2013 .

02/25/2013 - The HydroSurveyor & RiverSurveyor System arrived
The HydroSurveyor system employs a 9-beam ADP, using 5 beams at any one moment for depth measurements from a wide footprint on the water bed. This means that the time spent “driving” the boat is minimized in comparison with single beam instruments. Importantly, the HydroSurveyor is able to operate in depths ranging from 0.2m to over 40m. The HydroSurveyor also incorporates built-in navigation, full water column velocity (currents) profiling, full compensation for speed of sound with help of CTD.

02/14/2013 – 2nd Steering committee meeting at the UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Attendance: Zoran Stojič (Geateh), Ivan Stanič (Municipality of Ljubljana), Metod Dolinšek (Purgator), Stane Pajk (MKO ARSO), Mitja Brilly, Andrej Vidmar, Maja Koprivšek (all University of Ljubljana)
The implementation of specific actions was discussed and some topics with the Municipality of Ljubljana and MKO were clarified.

01/18/2013 - Bulletin a newsletter about project LIFE10NAT/SI/142 was published, Year 1, Number 1 (in Slovene only), ISSN: 2335-2773

01/15/2013 - A regular visit of external monitor is made
Attendance: Mitja Kaligarič (Astrale, outside controller for Slovenia), Andrej Vidmar (UL FGG), Mitja Brilly (UL FGG), Maja Koprivšek (UL FGG), Matej Stegel (Purgator), Metod Dolinšek (Purgator), Zoran Stojič (Geateh), Tomi Leon (Geateh), Julijana Lebez Lozej (MKO),
The meeting reviewed the progress on the project.

01/09/2013 – Working session at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment:
Attendance: Andrej Vidmar (UL FGG), Mitja Brilly (UL FGG), Matej Stegel (Purgator), Zoran Stojič (Geateh), Julijana Lebez Lozej (MKO), Janez Kastelic (MKO ARSO), Stane Pajk (MKO ARSO), Damjan Rogelj (MKO ARSO)
Joint short-term campaigns were defined.

11/21/2012 – Meeting at fishing club Barje with fishermen from fishing clubs CO Ljubljanica
Attendance: Andrej Vidmar (University of Ljubljana), Simon Jurečič, Matej Magajna, Teodor Gantar, Ivan Dragan, Branko Čebokli in Ismet Krdedlić (all Fishing Club Barje), Augustin Weiss (Fishing Club Vevče) and Tomi Leon (Geateh)
The main purpose of the meeting was to present the project to the representatives of all fishing clubs on the Ljubljanica River.

11/12/2012 – Steering committee meeting at the UL Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Attendance: Zoran Stojič (Geateh), Ivan Stanič (Municipality of Ljubljana), Metod Dolinšek, Matej Stegel (Purgator), Mitja Brilly, Andrej Vidmar, Maja Koprivšek (all University of Ljubljana)
The implementation of specific actions was discussed and some topics with the Municipality of Ljubljana were clarified.

10/10/2012 – Meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment
Attendance: Stane Pajk and Damjan Rogelj (Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, Slovenian Environment Agency), Julijana Lebez Lozej and Jelena Hladnik (Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment), Anja Oven (Ljubljansko barje Landscape Park), Mitja Brilly, Andrej Vidmar, Maja Koprivšek (all University of Ljubljana)
The progress and problems on the project were discussed. University of Ljubljana presented the project to the representative of the Ljubljansko barje Landscape Park. The Park expressed interest to participate in the project in the role of public awareness raising.

09/20/2012 - Signing of Contract with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia
In Ljubljana, the contract on the 'Ljubljanica Connects' project was signed, totalling €1,188,015, of which the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment will contribute €237,603.00

01/12/2012 – Meeting at the Municipality of Ljubljana with Deputy Mayor Janez Koželj
Attendance: Deputy Mayor Janez Koželj, Ivan Stanič (Department of Spatial Planning), Mitja Brilly, Andrej Vidmar, Simon Rusjan, Maja Koprivšek (all University of Ljubljana)
The meeting addressed the co-financing of the Municipality of Ljubljana and the specific works at the Ambrose Square barrier and fishways.