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  • UNESCO FORUM [20 March 2016] UNESCO FORUM book was published. Book is available here.
  • IHP UNESCO [16-18 March 2016] The meeting of IHP UNESCO National Committees took place on the premises of Park Škocjanske jame (The Škocjan Caves Park), Slovenia. The meeting was attended by IHP representatives from eleven European countries who discussed the meaning and role of water in transitional countries, and the most outstanding problems in the fields of hydrology. Meeting minutes are avaliable here. The meeting also passed a document: Recommendations of II region IHP NC.
  • IHPDonava [22.9.-24.9.2014] Mitja Brilly, Nejc Bezak, Mojca Šraj in Mira Kobold so se udeležili XXVIth Conference of the Danubian Countries in Deggendorf, Germany.
  • ERB [9-13 June 2014] Nejc Bezak attended the ERB in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Brilly [30 June 2014] At the last Council meeting, Prof. Mitja Brilly, full professor in the fields of “Hydrology” and “Water Regime Management”, was elected as one of the vice-presidents in IHP Bureau, which is in charge of implementing the IHP UNESCO Programme. Prof. Mitja Brilly is a representative of Electoral Group II.
  • Erasmus [21 May 2014] The second generation of Erasmus Mundus students successfully completed the Master of Science Program in Ecohydrology.

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