Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning as the manager of the EWN-SI system content notifies the users about possible inconsistency that may arise due to different data sources and data quality.


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To open digital maps in the DWF vector format, you have to install 'FREE' browser WHIP!.
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The spatial resolution of all digital maps in DWF vector format corresponds to the plotting needs for scales from 1:1000000 to 1: 250000.


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With further use of information from the EWN-SI system, the users oblige themselves that they will notify the copyright of RS MoEPP and EWN-SI information managers on all digital and analogue holders and on products from the system with the logo and the manager names on them.


Protection of the EWN-SI basic data is guaranteed with all technical measures and juridical rules on the basis of the Articles 154, 158, 59, 225, 242 and 309 of the Penal Law as in force in the Republic Slovenia.

The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning records the number of browsers of the EWN-SI system and periodically gives reports to the data managers of the system.


In no circumstances are the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and other data managers of the EWN-SI system responsible for any special, unintentional, indirect or consequential damages (including and without restriction) with damages due to loss of profit, interruption of production, loss of business information, personal injury, loss of privacy, inability to fulfil any duties (even with good will or appropriate diligence), mismanagement or any other material or similar damages that may arise from or are in any possible way connected with the use or inability to use the EWN-SI system.