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1 The Editorial Board of Acta hydrotechnica accepts contributions in electronic form via e-mail ( Contributions to the journal are to be written using the MS Word template

2 Contributions are written either in Slovenian or English with the abstract, keywords, figure captions, and table headings to be in both languages. Scientific contributions and contributions of interest to a broader expert and scientific public should be written in English. Professional contributions that specifically concern Slovenia are generally written in Slovenian, because part of the Journal's mission is also to help maintain and develop Slovenian professional terminology in hydrology, hydraulic and environmental engineering. The author(s) are responsible for the content of their contributions and for their translation into English.

3 All manuscripts are subject to single blind peer review by at least two internationally recognized experts in the field. If the reviews differ substantially, a third reviewer may be invited. Authors are welcome to suggest two to three possible reviewers which is a help, but not an obligation, to the editor. The content of the reviews is sent to the author(s) asking them to respond to the reviewer’s comments introducing the suggested modifications including:
- A response to reviewers that lists each of the comments and describes how the manuscript has (or has not been) modified,
- A copy of the manuscript with all changes marked (e.g. "track changes" or colored text),
- A copy of the revised manuscript with the accepted changes (final version).
The revised material should be sent back to the handling editor. The final decision of including a paper to the issue of the Journal is undertaken by the editor. The accepted papers are subject to editorial revision as well as adjustment in collaboration with the author(s). All accepted papers are proofread, both the Slovenian and English text. The author(s) of the accepted peer-reviewed papers are obliged to fill in an Author Declaration prior to publishing the manuscript in Acta hydrotechnica. Once the Editorial Board receives the author’s proof and relevant Author Statement/Declaration, the given article is published online and submitted for printing. There is no charge for submission, article processing, and publication.

4 Contributions are limited to 30,000 characters. Each paper should contain the following required elements:
- title
- full names of authors, their affiliations and addresses
- abstract and keywords in both languages
- the main body and conclusions
- acknowledgements (if applicable)
- terminology and notations (if applicable)
- references

5 The manuscript's title should be clear and concise and should express the text's key message. It should be written in Slovenian and English, first in the language of the text itself. The length of the title should not exceed 90 characters. The author information should include his/her full name, affiliation, and email.

6 A short abstract of no more than 200 words should summarise the main points of the paper, including the conclusions. If the paper is written in English, the abstract should be written first in English and then in Slovenian. If written in English, American and British style are both accepted, but not a mixture of both.

7 The main body should be divided into sections and subsections according to the decimal system (1 Section one, 1.1 Subsection one, 1.1.1 Final subsection). References in the text are given with the author’s name and the year of publication (Manning, 1892) (Strickler and Nikuradse, 1924b), (Einstein et al., 1951), (Colebrook, 1932; 1934). The international system (SI) should be used for all physical quantities. Dates should be given in the day-month-year format (23 April 2012). Illustrations (figures and tables) should be numbered consecutively throughout the text with Arabic numerals and should not be abbreviated (Table 2, Figure 4). The figure captions and table titles should be bilingual. If an illustration is taken from another published source, the source should be given in the caption/title. Equations in the text should be numbered with Arabic numerals in parentheses consecutively throughout the text. References to equations in the text should not be abbreviated (equation (11)).

8 All references used in the text should be listed alphabetically and unnumbered at the end of the manuscript. Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list, and vice versa. If the paper is written in English and the source is in another language, the title of the reference should be followed by an English translation in parentheses and at the end of the reference a note should be added on the original language, e.g. (in Slovenian). DOI number should be included if available.


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- Works with unknown authors:
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- Websites:
EEA (2016). EEA Report No 1/2016. Flood risks and environmental vulnerability ‒ Exploring the synergies between floodplain restoration, water policies and thematic policies. Available at: (accessed 11 April 2016).
ARSO (2017). Data archive. Available at: (accessed 6 March 2017).

- Personal communication:
ICPVO (2011). Atribute data about pedological units. Message to: Kovačec, M. 13 December 2011. Personal communication.